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Rando Corporate Responsibilities 2023

Since 1949 Rando® Machine has led the way providing innovative and high quality air laid machinery.  Rando offers world-class fiber preparation, web formation and recyclingmachinery that create high quality webs from the widest array of natural and synthetic fibers.Rando has significantly invested in new capabilities including a second manufacturing site since coming under new ownership in 2019.


Rando’s web formation equipment is globally recognized for its ability to run challenging fibers into both low and high loft mats. 


Rando compliments its state-of-the-art web formation machinery with a wide variety of fiber preparation equipment including:

  • Bale Breakers and Pre-feeders
  • Blend Line and Weigh Conveyors
  • Volumetric Reserves
  • Openers / Blenders


The Rando Shredder / Refiberizerreclaims excess finished material produced from a nonwoven line.The Shredder / Refiberizer includes state-of-the-art technology that breaks down edge trimmings into small, uniform tufts that are then reintroduced to production and blended to create a finished product.


Rando’s on-site Pilot Linetesting facility is available to customers for product and process development.  Working closely with you Rando will ensure you are using the exact fiber recipe for optimal web formation.  The pilot line is also available for small production runs. 


Maintain high performance with original replacement parts manufactured by Rando for every Rando machine, even vintage models. In addition, Rando offers fast turnaround torecloth/rewire wired rolls to the original factory specifications.

 Rando’s highly trained technicians provide service globally including:

  • On-site performance evaluations
  • Commissioning of new machines
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Machine upgrades and retrofits

Preventative Maintenance programs


Rando now offers three types of forming styles that all can be used on the main frame of their Webbers:

SB Condenser – heavier fibers, 100 denier and above

SD Condenser – finer fibers, nano up to 100 denier

SHL Condenser – the capability of the SD style with added high loft, up to 10” inches in height

The SHL Condenser allows you to form webs from 3/4″ inch to 10″ inches highby only changing the speeds on the HMI.  The SHL Condenser excels with a wide range of fibers including fiberglass, synthetic fibers, and natural fibers such as hemp, jute, wood, and cotton.

Bring your challenging application to Rando today and let us show you what we can do!


For more information visit us at or contact us at [email protected]

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This new machine is designed to allow fiber to be fed vertically and pre-opened with a feedroll, main cylinder and brush roll. Rando rolls are wired vs. the competitors pinned rolls. Wired rolls are more cost effective to manufacture and require less servicing by the customer, keeping your line up and running! Robustly built, the Rando Vertical Pre-Opener is manufactured in standard widths from 36” to 100”. It is highly recommended for BICO, Natural, Metal and Ceramic fibers. Our engineers are dedicated to finding new ways to open high-cost fiber such as BICO. Ensuring all bundles, tufts and filaments are 99% opened saves on material costs and creates better bonding characteristics.
The vertical design creates a smaller footprint than earlier designed pre-openers that fed horizontally, thus running cleaner with gravity and constant vacuum pressure.
In trials The Rando Vertical Pre-Opener was used successfully with natural fibers for reducing breakage. Rando had great success in running fiberglass in stick form; pre-opening the sticks so downstream equipment can process the fiber with less fiber loss and better opening.
This new machine from Rando can be mounted to other feeding machines or can be pneumatically fed. The fibers are pre-opened and are removed with an air handling system to the next machine in use. It can also be used as a standalone machine.

Since 1949, Rando Machine has been the pioneer in air laid technology for the nonwoven textile industry. Headquartered in Victor, New York, Rando Machine added a second manufacturing location in Lafayette, Indiana after coming under new ownership in 2019. Rando offers a complete line of machinery from Fiber Preparation to Web Formation. As a global provider; Rando has no geographical limits and their machines can process both synthetic and natural fibers, as well as metallic and ceramic, all with outstanding track records!

For more information on the Rando Vertical Pre-Opener, or to see how Rando Machine can improve your production process, contact us today! [email protected]

Rando Machine
100 Rawson Road, Suite 230
Victor, New York 14564 USA

Introducing the latest in machine innovation from Rando Machine Corporation; the Rando Waste Shredder / Refiberizer.

  • Reduce fiber costs 
  • Regain floorspace
  • Eliminate cost of a reserve vendor
  • Quick payback

Rando© Machine, a pioneer leading the way into the future of air laid technology, who began designing and manufacturing air laid Feeders/Webbers and other supporting machinery in 1949. Today, Rando offers world-class innovative fiber preparation and web formation machines that process and create high quality webs from the widest array of natural and synthetic fibers.


Globally recognized, Rando compliments its state-of-the-art web formation by adding fiber preparation equipment such as:

  • Bale Breakers
  • Volumetric Reserves
  • Pre-feeders
  • Opener/Blenders

This offers a more effective approach to fiber applications.


Rando’s on-site Laboratory Testing Facility allows customers to:

  • Experience Rando’s air laid environment.
  • Test, experiment and innovate with various fibers, fiber blends and processes to improve current products and create new offerings.
  • Out-source and contract Rando’s test lab as a long term resource.


Rando keeps you up and running at peak performance with its highly technical replacement parts and services team. 

Protect your performance with original replacement parts manufactured by Rando for every Rando machine, even vintage models. In addition, Rando offers reclothing/rewiring of wired rolls, using the original roll for your Rando rolls. 

Rando’s highly trained technicians provide service globally, offering:

  • On-site performance evaluations
  • Installation of new machines
  • Repairs
  • Machine upgrades and retrofits
  • On-site maintenance


Rando is proud to announce the launch of its new product – the Rando™ Shredder Waste Reducer / Refiberizer; designed to refiberize and reclaim excess finished material produced from a nonwoven line.
The Rando™ Shredder Waste Reducer / Refiberizer is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology to break down edge trimmings into small, uniform tufts that can then be reintroduced to production and blended to create a finished product.

Material transformation:

  • Material travels down a textured conveyor.
  • The edge trimmings are distributed into the feed rolls.
  • The feed rolls tightly pinch the fibers, and distribute them into the shredder’s main cylinder.
  • The main cylinder, equipped with more than 1,500 bear claws, shreds the fiber into uniform tufts, which are transported back into the production line by vacuum fans.

Customers report that excess material trimmed from the finished products take a heavy expense on their organizations — outside services are hired to remove and dispose of the excess material. A Rando™ Shredder Waste Reducer / Refiberizer eliminates this expense and refiberizes the excess fiber so it can be blended into their finished product.

Bottom Line: The Rando™ Reclaim Shredder provides an attractive option for manufacturers looking to save money and improve environmental practices, creating a more efficient and environmentally sound practice for the organization.

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