Rando Web Processing Lab

Put our new on-site Non-Woven Air Laid Web Processing Laboratory to work for you!

You can apply our knowledge and expertise to help test, trouble-shoot and innovate. Rando Lab personnel are available to provide research, development, and consulting for both new and existing products. Schedule a time to come to our headquarters in Victor, New York to test, experiment and innovate with various fibers and processes.

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Rando Web Processing Lab
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Rando Web Processing Lab

Our Rando 2 + 2 Bale Opener & Integrated Prefeeder is designed to accept natural and/or synthetic materials from two bales simultaneously, with both vertical and horizontal bale feeding orientation available. Our bale breakers have many features:

We have a full line of fiber preparation equipment including blending capabilities and exceptional fiber opening that feeds our pilot line consisting of Rando's latest designed 40" Feeder and Webber with Edge Trimmer.

  • Access our equipment by purchasing time in our Lab.
  • Send in fiber and we can process it in our lab, test it and forward results.
  • See the difference!

We service a variety of industries including the automotive, military, aerospace, agriculture and medical industries. Our lab is equipped to test fiber material that is used for applications as diverse as absorbency, mattress batting and automotive soundproofing.

To learn more about Rando Machine's lab testing for all manner of non-woven materials, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Non-woven Web Lab Testing Capabilities:

Non-woven Web Lab Testing Services
New Products
Existing Products
40” Web Formation Pilot Line
Fiber Opening
Preparation Equipment
Edge Trimmer
Air Separator
Web Forming

Documentation / Parameters
Test Report

Drive Components

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